II Agricultural Export Forum. 23-24.02.17

II Agricultural Export Forum. 23-24.02.17 On 23-24.02.17 Agricultural Export Forum was held. Ukrainian Terminal, being a subsidiary of NIKO group companies was a partner of this forum and conducted an advertising campaign to attract several companies to collaboration. During this forum the major Ukrainian players of agricultural products export market. Also there were created lectures which referred to Agricultural branch. There were 14 speakers. They present government structures and management of major agricultural holdings. During Forum also were open dialogues and exchange of point of views. On the basis of results of the conference, we can say that 76% of the agricultural market uses the railway transport for forwarding. This influence is Act on changing the load on the axle for vehicles. That is why the profitability of land cargo transportation has fallen dramatically. The percentage of inland waterway transport consists 7%, 17% - is maritime container services for niche crops (barley, red beans). The perspective of the development prospect is evident, because the agricultural sector is a major export business in Ukraine, but he has big problems with the lack of infrastructure such as : lack of car equipment, outdated legislation (especially felt in the river logistics ban on cabotage transportation under foreign flag), a large number of toll gateways to the main waterway, problems with the depth of the bottom of the internal waterways, and insufficient number of public vehicles, equipped according to the latest standards. In spite of all negative factors associated with the development of infrastructure, volume of production and export of grain, respectively, according to recent research will be strictly grow and by 2030 will amount to 65 million tones - wheat bread, with the current volume to 45 million tons. The main directions of export of these products are the countries such as Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and India.

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