Український термінал надає послуги перевезення б/у автомобілів з США, Кореї та Грузії
17 September 2020 / Company news

ДП «Український термінал» це логістичний оператор, який активно розвиває послуги з перевезення б/у автомобілів з США, Кореї та Грузії в контейнерах та поромах Ро-Ро з подальшим митним оформленням в Україні.

Ukrainian Terminal change the management of the company
/ Company news
The Board of Directors of the NIKO Group of Companies, which includes the Ukrainian Terminal, made a decision to change the management of the company "Ukrainian Terminal".<br> <br>  We welcome the new CEO<br> Alexander Mikhailovich Maximenko.
"Ukrainian Terminal" took part in the 4th Conference Agrarian Logistics and warehouse 2019
03 May 2019 / Company news
The professional community - representatives of agrarian businesses and logistics companies have discussed urgent issues in the industry.
Strategic direction in the company - the strengthening cooperation of the DP "Ukrainian terminal" with Polish partners.
09 April 2019 / Company news
At the beginning of April 2019, the company held of important meetings with its counterparts in Poland and identified strategic partners. Director of the Ukrainian Terminal Andriy Kryvenchuk visited Poland and signed preliminary partnership and cooperation agreements.
II Agricultural Export Forum. 23-24.02.17
01 March 2017 / Company news
On 23-24.02.17 Agricultural Export Forum was held. Ukrainian Terminal, being a subsidiary of NIKO group companies was a partner of this forum and conducted an advertising campaign to attract several companies to collaboration. During this forum the major Ukrainian players of agricultural products export market. Also there were created lectures which referred to Agricultural branch. There were 14 speakers. They present government structures and management of major agricultural holdings. During Forum also were open dialogues and exchange of point of views.
Ukrainian Terminal Celebrates its 10th Anniversary
/ Company news
In 2016, Ukrainian Terminal celebrates its 10th anniversary of successful activity. The company Ukrainian Terminal was founded in 2006 to service import needs of NIKO group of companies. Gradually, the company has evolved in a multifunctional logistics company that staunchly withstood the global financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent hard times, but still remains the benchmark for quality and integrity.
The NIKO Group celebrates its 25th anniversary
28 July 2016 / Company news
The NIKO Group celebrates its 25th anniversary. We express our gratefulness to our employees, customers, friends and partners for the fruitful collaboration within all this period. Thank you for helping us to become better. 25 years is a serious period for a company. It is not a reason to stop, but rather the ability to use the knowledge and experience for further development.
The permanent post of environmental monitoring is operating on the territory of SC "Ukrainian Terminal"
14 March 2016 / Company news
According to the order of the State Environmental Inspectorate in Kyiv region dated February 29, 2016 there have been made the amendments to the list of environmental control offices of the State Ecological Inspectorate. From now on, a permanent post of environmental monitoring operates in the territory of SC "Ukrainian Terminal", which will significantly speed up the customs processing procedures by the subjects of foreign economic activity.
The control office of State Phytosanitary Inspection has been opened
14 March 2016 / Company news
In order to improve the range of services of SC "Ukrainian Terminal" and to speed up customs processing procedures in our company, the control office of State Phytosanitary Inspection was established in conformity with the Order № 7-k of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service dated January 20, 2016.
SC "Ukrainian Terminal" is opening Forwarding and Customs Clearance Department in SC "Illichivsk Commercial Sea Port"
25 December 2012 / Company news
The department was established to provide a range of services on customs processing and vehicles storage service. The department activity is aimed at both the expansion and development of the Company, and the provision of high-quality
"Ukrainian Terminal" Company celebrates the 6th anniversary!
13 November 2012 / Company news
SС "Ukrainian Terminal" celebrates its 6th birthday. We thank our customers and employees for their work and are happy to share our joy.
"NIKO" Group celebrates its 20th anniversary
12 September 2012 / Company news
"NIKO" Group, one of the largest operators of Ukrainian car market, celebrates 20 years of successful work and the achievement of high business performance. It became possible due to the teamwork, balanced managerial decisions and support of customers and partners.
"Ukrainian Terminal" is entering the international arena
15 May 2012 / Company news
"Ukrainian Terminal" (SC "Ukrainian Terminal"), a part of the "NIKO" Group, has won the right to provide logistics services to any international company which operates in Ukraine or is engaged in transit and to provide forwarding services outside Ukraine.
"Ukrainian Terminal" has become a leader among automotive terminals
17 June 2012 / Новини ринку
Among major factors that have affected a rapid development of customs bonded complex (CBC) and transformation of "Ukrainian Terminal" into one of Kiev's main gate for imported cars are the following.

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