SC "Ukrainian Terminal"

      SC "Ukrainian Terminal" was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary company of "NIKO" Trading House – a Ukrainian importer of "Mitsubishi" brand cars.
In 2008, due to the change of the Company’s owner we changed our strategy by offering service to the importers of other automobile brands.

      In 2010, the decrease in activity of Ukrainian car industry makes new adjustments related to the expansion of the products range declared by our Company, which includes agricultural machinery, tractors, trailers, spare parts, non-woven fabric, dishware, food and so on.

      Since 2013, our long-term strategy has been to provide logistics services for companies in the sphere of foreign economic activity which includes the arrangement of international and local transportation, customs processing, and warehousing of goods.

     We organize and control the “door-to-door” service.

SC "Ukrainian Terminal" is a logistics center:
- located at the 45th km of Kyiv-Chop highway;
- with customs control area allowing up to 150 trucks;
- with a warehouse for temporary storage and an open area of customs storage warehouse;
- with a customs office of State Fiscal Inspection in Kyiv;
- with a station of State Environmental Inspection;
- with a station of Phytosanitary Inspection.

        LLC "N-Trans" and Insurance Company "NIKO Insurance" being a part of the NIKO Group of Companies will provide us assistance with forwarding, preparation of documents, cargo transportation, mutual counting and insurance.

    Our branch office in the city of Chernomorsk (Illichivsk) provides port forwarding. It will ensure declaring and customs processing of your goods in the Southern customs offices.

    According to Customer’s needs, our Company can serve as technical importer and/or exporter.

We are open for cooperation with not only importers, but also broker’s offices and logistics companies from Ukraine and worldwide.

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