EXPERIENCE The Company with more than 10 years of experience in the sphere of foreign trade and logistics can solve problems of any complexity.
Our experts will provide preparation and customs processing of documents "on turnkey basis" in all modes.
DonТt rely on amateurs Ц refer to professionals! We have enough skill and experience to avoid any complications and to take into account all the nuances of foreign trade operations. Our company occupies a leading position in this field. We are equipped with modern computer hardware, professional software, powerful means of communication and technologies with which we can solve the problems of any complexity.
Our regular customers are satisfied with the cooperation and support provided by the Company.
REASONABLE PRICES The cost is calculated individually for every client. Service fee is negotiated in every separate case with due regard for a flexible system of discounts and provision of convenient payment method.
You are welcome to contact our Company managers to calculate a reasonable price for the required services.
EFFICIENCY Quickness, reliability and high quality are our CompanyТs operational policy.
Foreign trade  is labor intensive and varied sphere, thus demanding a wide spectrum of knowledge and capabilities. Declaring and customs processing means a wide range of measures to be carried out with observation of all the norms of law.
Cooperation with us will eliminate any possible risks and provide the best service and effective solution to any problem.
WIDE SPECTRUM OF GOODS For more than 10 years of activity our Company has accumulated a vast experience on declaring and customs processing of different groups of goods, whether live animals or complicated electrical equipment.
Our long-time experience will help to eliminate errors in the process of cargo customs processing, to overcome all difficulties, especially in view of the interests of our clients. Our executives are highly qualified experts that have a long-standing practice of declaring and customs processing of various goods in different customs regulations.
We can also give you some professional advice in logistics of foreign trade operations, tariffs, costs, and range of commodities according to Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity.
CUSTOMER'S MINIMUM PARTICIPATION IN THE PROCESS OF CUSTOMS PROCESSING The complexity of customs processing of your goods is our concern!  
We minimize your interaction with customs bureaucratic structure that will save you time, money and nerves !!!!              
This is ensured by the very infrastructure of our Company, which includes a customs terminal for 150 trucks, warehouses and platforms, control services and customs office of State Fiscal Inspection in Kyiv.

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